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What Birch Brae can do for you
Whether you need to create a visual identity for a new brand, require a strategic marketing tool to help you grow your established business, want a unique invitation to set the tone for a memorable event, or are looking for a special photograph to communicate feelings you just can't put into words, Birch Brae Art & Design can help.

Birch Brae partners with small businesses, non-profits, and individuals to create dynamic, eye-catching designs that will get you noticed and produce results - all within your budget.

  • Original designs: I will work with you to develop clear concepts, concise content, and custom artwork to meet both your needs and those of your desired audience.

  • Redesigns: If you have materials whose content is still current but need a fresh look, I can give them an energizing makeover.

  • Repurposing: I can adapt your existing pieces to other formats or add new pieces to your established suite of materials that are in keeping with your established "look."

  • Multi-language documents: If your Spanish or French translator provides a digital text file and printout, I can quickly adapt your English layouts and provide proofing in both languages.

How Birch Brae works with you
Design, imaging, and layout are generally done on the Mac in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, or Lightroom (whichever is/are best suited to the job at hand), then saved to Acrobat PDF format for client review. Once files are approved, I can do pre-press prep for print jobs and/or adapt files for online use as downloadable PDFs.

I work in 1 color, 3 colors (RGB), 4 colors (CMYK), and everything in between. I can design pieces for in-house inkjet or laser printing, high speed copying, or printing and finishing by your preferred offset vendor.

Birch Brae works with clients and printers across the country. E-mail, phones, faxes, and FedEx make it possible to keep projects on schedule no matter where clients or printers are located. Samples and references are currently available upon request.

About Birch Brae
I established Birch Brae Art & Design in Northport, Maine, back in 2003. Prior to that, I operated Helicon Design in the Boston area after learning the basics of graphic design while working on the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) Bicentennial. A magna cum laude graduate of DeSales University with a B.A. in Theatre and Speech, I have since taken classes in design and photography at Parsons School of Design in New York, Massachusetts College of Art, and the Art Institute of Boston. My right-brain/left-brain division is evenly balanced, resulting in a productive blend of artistic creativity and practical detail - all the better to help you make your mark with maximal impact and minimal stress.

Please contact me to discuss your next design project if you think I can help. Meanwhile, be well.
(J.C.) Vera Morrison


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